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MYOB? We’re here to help

Most entrepreneurs share a natural optimism with a belief that things will turn out for the best – but this can seriously hold them back when it comes to asking for help. Have you fallen into the trap of feeling you have to ‘cope’, ‘just do it’, ‘go it alone’ or any of the other […]

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XERO – Zero complications

Procrastination is part of human nature, it’s amazing how mundane things like housework become super important when you have a project on the go or deadline that should be tackled. My house and garden always gain more attention when I am putting something off. As small business owners one of your new year’s resolutions may […]

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The Benefits of a Bookkeeper

It can be tempting for business owners to try to save money by doing everything themselves, especially in those early start-up years. But, in the long term, it makes little financial sense – and can cause more trouble than it’s worth. Some excellent software exists that can help business owners manage their own accounts.  But […]

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Welcome to Vanetic!

I love what I do! As a bookkeeper and business consultant, many people would find that statement a little crazy, or possibly even sad. But I can honestly sit here and tell you that I live every day, loving what I do. I get excited talking about numbers and spreadsheets! I’ve always enjoyed business and […]

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